(With Thanks to Brian Smith, stalwart of the Seniors)

In 1990 to 1992, following the sale of land for the new road (yet to be built) Hazel Grove Golf Club course was substantially redesigned. This event brought considerable disruption to all club activities including the Senior Section.

The course reconstruction brought many stories of incidents. One of the most amusing involved senior members. We are grateful to a past secretary, Mr Harry Carlisle, who captured the following incident.

No visitors, member’s guests or visiting parties were allowed on the course during the period of upheaval. The ground disturbance was colossal and many parts pf the course were virtually impassable. The heavy plant used haul roads across the course which became deeply rutted. A period of wet weather and these deep ruts caused a significant problem for two very senior members of the club.

Ralph Bower, a gentleman in his eighties, along with Ted Clarke, a youngster in his mid-seventies, were returning to the clubhouse after a few holes. On their return from the 9th green, they had to cross one of the haul roads which ran down the side of what is now the 12th fairway. Neither gentleman was nimble footed and halfway across the road they both sank into the mud up to their knees and were then unable to move. Their Knight in Shining Armour was a Mr Ian Gill who was also on the course practising over a few holes.

After a great struggle Ian managed to extricate both Ralph and Ted. However, they emerged from the mud minus their shoes and socks. That is not the end of the story. Club standards had to be maintained. On reaching the car park in their bare feet, they met the Club Secretary who admonished them for being improperly dressed. I assume that the Secretary saw the funny side of the incident as there is no mention of Ralph and Ted facing any disciplinary procedure! Their shoes and socks have not been found to this day.

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