Get Into Golf – Stage 1 Beginners Course
5 week Course covering all aspects of the game

  • Putting: Grip, Posture, Alignment, Judging distances

  • Chipping: Grip, Stance, Technique, Club selection

  • Pitching: Grip, Stance, Technique, Club selection

  • Swing – Part 1: Stance, Posture, Alignment, Basic Fundamentals of striking the ball

  • Swing – Part 2: As above and how to adapt swing for different clubs

Course for golfers who have some experience of golf or have moved on from Stage 1
6 week course working and developing consistency on all of the elements taught in Stage 1
5 week Course covering all aspects of the game

  • Recap of all fundamentals covered in Stage1

  • Putting: Reading Greens

  • Chipping: Distance control

  • Pitching: Distance control/high and low shots

  • Bunkers: Technique on how to get out of the sand effectively

  • Swing: Building and maintaining consistency developed during Stage 1

  • Golf Course Play: How to successfully play a hole

Get Onto the Course Stage 3: Playing the Course.

  • 36 Holes of Golf– to be played in blocks of 3, 6, 9 or18 accompanied by a HGGC member/Buddy.

  • 2 x Individual Golf lessons with Pro – use of Golf video studio available.

  • 1 x Rules and Etiquette lesson with Pro (Group Session)

Get into Golf; Academy Membership

  • Off-Peak Membership April-September (any time after 3pm)

  • October- March (any time after 12.30pm)

  • 2 x Individual Lessons with Pro.

Full Golf Club Membership

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